Surat Kaleng Tanpa Kaleng

Sekitar seminggu yang lalu. I was in the bedroom, reading something when Sarah ran upstairs, hurriedly with a letter on her hand: "Tasya! You got a mail!", she handed me the letter. "What? From who?", I took it, no name. Only my name: Tasya Anggitta, written on it. "Someone rang our bell and left this there, and also with this chocolate bar." I saw outside, nobody's there. It was almost 9 pm and.... I didn't know, I felt scared!

They left a lovely welcome letter, with a pin, a chocolate bar, and the letter was sealed by a stamped wax. Signed, The Sly Twolf.

I was confused, who the heck is The Sly Twolf. Nobody know her (I'm pretty sure that it's a girl's handwritting :p), and I already asked some friends in Timpanogos about The Sly Twolf, no one knows! Uber cool, huh!

But the Sly Twolf, I feel thankful for your letter. Thank you whoever you are, I appreciate it :)

/Grateful Tasya

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