My 2nd Owl City Concert! :D

Yesterday I watched a concert in Salt Lake City, and it was: Owl City's Midsummer Station concert! Yihaaaa! It's been a year since I watched the All Things Bright and Beautiful concert in Jakarta. I was a little bit upset at that time because I didn't buy the festival ticket. I was sitting right in the very corner of the Jakarta venue.... A little bit awkward because nobody dance. They were sitting during the whole concert..... But not this time! Yeaaah! Yesterday I was standing and enjoying the euphoria of watching concert. I love it!

I went there with Margeaux, an exchange student from France. It's so amazing that we are from the different part of the world but we have same taste of music. We like Owl City, we love Mika, The Script, David Guetta and more! Because English is not our main language, we both didn't care about the lyric of the song. Most of our songs are American songs and some were inappropiate, well yeah, we didn't care as long the rhyme is awesome! :p

But after we got here in Utah, where English is their main language, and we go to the LDS church, neither one of us listen to that music again. It is wrong because they know what's the meaning of the song, meanwhile Margeaux and I just enjoy the rhyme. :p (but still, we love David Guetta!)

So Dini (Margeaux's host mother) drove us to Salt Lake City. We didn't have much time yesterday, so we couldn't explore the mall right behind the venue. The line was about 25meters long when we got there... That's okay, we will have another time to see all the parts of Salt Lake!

So yeah, I went without my host family. Sarah decided not to go and my host brother (who likes Owl City too) wasn't able to go. However I didn't know that no one tell him that I'm going to Owl City concert! He was like: ".........Tasya! It's your 2nd concert!!" hehe I'm sorry Nate, next time let's watch something together!

The opening singer was Matthew Koma! I didn't know him, but I know that he's Carly Rae Jepsen's boyfriend. He was really good, I think his voice kinda similar with the voice of The Script's vocalist. I got his EP CD for freeeee yeaa and I was the first person signed up for the email newsletter. Hey Koma! My name is the first line on your SLC paper!

Margaux (French exchange student) and me! (ada yang pelukan gitu di belakang... -__-)

copyright 2012 Tasya Bintang
The ticket!
Matthew Koma!
Adam Young - Owl City! 
Salt Lake City crowded!
The Depot billboard

See ya on next post! :)


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  1. I went to the concert too. My name is Dog Walker from the Art of Autism and I live in Utah too.