(I'm going to stop pretending to write about myself using the third-person perspective)

Hi I am Tasya Bintang. Just a regular person living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started this blog back in 2008-2009 when I was in middle school. Wrote a lot of cringy stuff (it's now curated, don't worry) and eventually grew out of it. Now I am someone in my mid-20s, living my life in the creative industry, trying to make sense of a lot of things, and somehow.. this blog stays as my online journal.

I used to write a lot when I was a child. Like child child. Wrote 12 pages fictional story during class, enrolled in a writing competition, but heck I was bad at it. But it had started a habit that still stuck until now. I write in my own journal, assessing a lot of wrong choices, digesting them. But sometimes I post it online, hence this blog.

I have no other purpose other than keeping this blog for my own enjoyment. So if you happened to stop by, say hello (or not), I don't mind.

I guess I'm more into Instagram these days? Here is my account. 

And here is my professional website (I happened to be a photographer/producer at the moment.)

I also am better in real life (I assume. Personality-wise haha.), so holla me at mail@tasyabintang.com if you'd like to reach me irl.