Random 2nd Month Update

Hi! I have 3 classes that are using computer, and I always have extra time in all those classes. So I have a lot of time to update my blog :/ hmm..

So a lot of things happen these last couple weeks. First of all, my host mom gave me a journal. Now I'm used to writing in my journal, not in my blog anymore.. But still, I want to write couple things in here too!
It amazes me how most American are used to writing on their own journal. They keep track of what they do and what they think.. Hmm remind me that my last journal was written in 2003...... (bad Tasya!).

Then I promised myself to not use twitter anymore. I delete the twitter application in my iPod :)) I'm still using Instagram and Foursquare, and maybe they will automaticaly post links into my twitter account, but I don't care. There's a point that makes me feeling sick of internet when using twitter. I don't know but uhm.. so I don't want to make my life clearly seen by other people. Facebook Insta and Blog are just enough at this time :D

These two weeks are full of concert! Not a famous concert (Not all of American famous bands or singers wanna come to Utah, tho) but choir and high school band concert! Last week I went to Canyon View Junior High choir concert, and the day after I went to Timpanogos High School choir concert. Sarah (my host sister) was there, singing in Aria choir. I really wanted to join the choir, sometimes I regret my classes. If God gives me a day to be changed, I will absolutely change the day when I went to counselor office, the day when I choose my classes.. Uhg!

Speaking of concert, yesterday the Huberts and I went to Nate's choir concert in Orem High School. It was so A M A Z I N G, they're really awesome! My host brother goes to different school, well the school that I was going to. The alpine school district wouldn't let me go there because they said there's a policy for exchange student that require them to HAVE TO go to a school that's closest to their home. Dear Alpine district, if you read this: please change your policy, it is not fair for the host family and the exchange student. We have right to choose our school, don't we? :/

After OHS choir concert, today we will go to OHS Band and Orchestra concert. Hopefully... *crossed finger* and then the day after that we will go to OHS choir fund raising concert called Sherwood forest, I don't even know what it is..

And in 2 weeks I will be going to Las Vegas and California..........by my self. This is the first time I am going solo to some place. Imagine, alone, I don't have any friend there. I am going with another exchange students of Utah, and most of them are not from Nacel Open Door. So, I am going to Disneyland, Universal Studios, Zion National Park and Las Vegas.......by my self. I am kinda sad, those are the place that you have to visit, uhm well, with your family or your beloved ones..

That's all for now!

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