December Breeze!

Oh my heck, it's been almost 5 months!

So apparently I didn't have any time to update my blog in December. I apologize for that. December was a really fun month! We had Christmas break from 18th to 3rd of January. So here's the highlight of December:

I went on a fieldtrip to Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City is the capital city of Utah, and it's not too far away from Orem, our city. It's like an hour far away, and we went there a lot in December, because SLC has a magnificent Temple Square. But this time I went with people from my High School. One of my friend, Mikayla is in Humanities class and she told me that they were going to SLC for Humanities and AP Art History class. Cool huh? Even though I am not in those classes, she invited me to go with them and the teacher said okay(benefit of being an Exchange Students, haha!).

and guess what, I paid for only $6.25 and visited Cathedral of SLC, Utah Capitol Buiding, Temple Square, City Creek Mall, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and SLC Mosque.

First of all we went to Catedral of St Madeline. The religion majority of Utahn is Mormon, and there aren't a lot of Catholic churches -- so this is a really cool experience, we had a real mass and eucharist! I was in the Catholic school back in Jakarta, and I never expect to have a real mass in cathedral. We just sat there and spent like an hour, looked around the painting all over the wall and watched the catholics said their prayer.

Cathedral of Salt Lake City

Utah Capitol Building itself is the highest building in Salt Lake City. It's such a cool place, where the state legislature of Utah works. They have a lot of displays like the movies that were filmed in Utah, and a lot of statues of the pioneers of Utah.

Utah Capitol Center
Temple Square, as you know, is like the main place for LDS people. It has a lot of main buildings for the church. It was snowing that day and it made the Temple itself looked more beautiful. I just like it. And we went for lunch in City Creek. It's a pretty cool mall, -- but still i think Grand Indonesia mall is better :p

Salt Lake City Temple

Utah Museum is pretty cool too, I found a lot of North Sumatera, Borneo and Balinese carvings. I even found a Balinese legong mask! I was freaking out hahaha that's awesome, go to somewhere abroad and randomly found an piece of home :-)

Ketemu topeng sekampung halaman wihiiii

The last destination was.... Salt Lake City mosque. I think it's kinda weird to have a field trip into a mosque. Because back there in Indonesia we have mosque in every corner. It's everywhere. It's a common religious place for us, even though I am not a moslem. Apparently they studied about religions all over the world in Humanities class.

We waited until the guy said the adzan, and we watched they do sholat. There were 20-ish people in there, and after that the younger kids do "baca tulis ngaji". The whole group asked couple questions to the leader of the mosque, such as "have you ever been naik haji?" "ada pantangan makan apa?" "apakah kalian harus sholat di mesjid tiap saat?" "apakah kamu bisa baca huruf arab?". Mayoritas orang di mesjid ini orang kulit hitam dan orang india.

After that we met a really cute family, consist of 2 little girls that were wearing their hijab and the father and also the grandpa. Acted as a tourist (well, I am a tourist there, indeed) I asked to take photo with them.

The Mosque of Salt Lake City

The Moslem family
Bulletin Board
Another highligh of december was: WHITE CHRISTMAS! I had such a cool christmas, well yeah a lot of presents, christmas lights, snow, beautiful decoration, smell of spices scent. It's really wonderful!

Okay that's all for this post, I apologize for this reallyyyyyy looooooong post. See you next time! :)


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