Quarantine Updates #3: One Year Later

I am currently in the middle of finishing an important deadline but me being me ended up on this blog and my brain is actively contributed in encouraging me to write a post (instead of finishing the said deadline, hello?!). It's 20 minutes past midnight, I am one year older than my last blog post, and in another covid quarantine. Wohoo perfect time to write about some quarter-life crisis thought!

Who have thought that we are still in the middle of those quarantine bullcrap after ONE YEAR. I am ok with masks and being a hygiene freak and all but the 'stay at home' rules are just too funny (when you live in Jakarta). It's just not consistent, remind me of myself.

So, a quick update about myself. I've been deactivating my Instagram for more than 45 days. Why? It's just too crowded at the moment. The Instagram? No my head. 

I am now working in a small agency that fortunately has a big client that gives creative freedom to me and my team. Fun. Exciting. Stressful? Shouldn't be. But it is. Having multiple roles to cover contributes to it. Me against the world vibes. Sounds feisty. Whoa are you Ralph Bohner from Wandavision?

Discovering that I might have ADHD (should get the diagnosed next week, if I finally managed to remember reaching the psychiatrist) and studying my Ayuverda Dosha: Vata. Vata is wind and ether, hence the way my brain works. Sounds like a big news! Well, these discovery plays an important part this year. Someday when I have the energy I would write a heck lot about it (I don't want to promise you, look at my past blog posts, full of unkept promises).

I have a kindle and read books. One of two reasons why I feel like my English vocabulary improved a lot this year. The other reason is I binge-watch Marvel movies (Gosh Loki is the best).

Haven't been traveled to many places since my visit to Cimaja back in early 2021. But haven't caught Corona as well (amit amit), despite I work outside my house like crazy. Wait, how about the quarantine? Working in the 'production' side requires me to rebel a bit. I enjoy the 5 days thrill of waiting for my PCR results to come out though.

I also like how this year I met many people. Almost too many, I often get overwhelmed and need to turn off my Whatsapp notification because it makes me anxious. But I learn that I like meeting people (also with a little bit of respect to my ambivert side).

There you go, random updates. I often question who are the people that reading this? Why? Why are you here, sacrificing your precious 5 minutes reading this? 

I am honestly just writing for myself in the future, so I can have another midnight impulsive drive to write another blog post for another myself in the future-future. (You understand why I like Loki so much haha)

Good night!

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