I am Back!

Let's start this post by listening to this great Putumayo "Cairo to Casablanca" that randomly popped out in my Youtube recommendation. I've been a big fan of Putumayo mix since elementary school (I am not even lying. I went to ITCs or Poins Square or any place nearby that sell pirated bootleg CDs in plastic -- come on you gotta know what I mean -- and searching Putumayo mixtape for hours until the CDs seller looked puzzled) and I didn't know they had such mixtape. Cairo to Casablanca? Sounds TOO PERFECT.

Okay. So hi, it's 2019. Last time I was here... Uhm... It was 2016 and I wrote about my 45 days trip to Morocco. Well, I had written *supposedly* 8 blog posts but ended up posting, what, 3????? Commitment is definitely NOT my middle name.

Another thing: I just got back from a 1-month trip exploring Egypt. Well, it was in October 2018.. But still recent, RIGHT?! And I've been postponing my plan to write about Egypt because it's been hard. Simply too hard. I'll explain later, but this has to do with my dearest companion during the Egypt trip, that passed away in January. Part of this blog plan was dedicated for him, but again let's get to it later.

I fall in love with the Northern Africa culture. Morocco and Egypt. Oh, you couldn't believe how excited I was during the Egypt trip. I was even happier than Morocco *maybe because I knew that I was already in love with the culture*. I am super stoked to write about my experience here. But not yet.. This post today is just a catalyst to keep the other ideas coming. So bear with me as I prepare the other posts!


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