Didedikasikan Untuk Ketiadaan

Alangkah anehnya
suatu hari mereka ada, hari berikutnya mereka raib ditelan waktu.

Teruntuk yang telah tiada.

I do not know how to express this, but this is just really confusing how one day you have the time and opportunity to reach out to someone and the other day you don't and the only thing you can do is regretting it.

I procrastinate at sending emails and letters, just because I think I have time to do it.
I'm sorry for the letters and emails I've never sent. 

I'm so sorry that I haven't reached out to you.

Thank you for displaying the Jogja's Ganesha statue. You decorated your living room, put the tiny statue on the shelf even though it doesn't fit with the rest of your decorations, just because it's the week I went back home. Thank you for using the batik scarf that I gave. It means a lot to me.

I remember I was being anxious and awkward but you were there saying hello and talk to me. 

Thank you for being you. 

All the little details. All the grandparent's love you've given to a stranger that just barely enter your life.

Thank you for reminding the importance of keeping in touch. Your passing is truly a wake up call for me.

RIP grandma.

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