Prelude to Hi Europe!

My parents signed our family up on tour again. I've told them million times that being in a tour isn't really that fun for me. It's holiday, and it is not supposed to be a field trip where we had to follow schedule and wake up early in the morning everyday. But since they're paying for this, I guess I have to shut up, be grateful and polite enough to them. It's allright after all.

The main plan was to visit my uncle in Hamburg, Germany. My sister and I already did a mini research about where to go - what transportation should we use - the airfares, ticket and stuff but yet my mom turned the plan down just because it sounded too complicated and aint easy enough. She refers to the term "Gak mau geret-geret koper" means she doesn't want to dragging suitcases all across europe. She wants an easy holiday. ( Quoting Trinity: "Most Indonesians love to travel......with tour since they don't want to get overwhelmed with the journey" ) Then she signed us up on a tour called "Amazing East Europe".

^^^ The places that we'll visit: Prag, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munchen ^^^

So here we are; in Frankfurt airport. Waiting for another connecting flight to Prague. There are another tour members consisting of 5 groups: my family consists of 5 people (my parents, me and my 2 siblings), a group of 10 young to middle-aged women (they did selfie with tongsis, I was quite surprised), 3 another middle aged women, a mom with her 2 girls (they have exact same height), and a middle-aged brother-sister travel together. Oh great. There are only 3 men in this trip and two of them are my family. No good looking boys on the tour. Not good. (I can't believe I said this) HAHA

And another "great" thing is: I am the youngest here. No friends. Guess I'm just gonna stick with my family around. 

The Indonesian tour guide is young, he looks like typical asian guy that brings a flag. It's our tour flag that we have to follow so we don't get lost. Oh yes. I will look like a tourist. I wanna be a traveler though. Free, not guided. With a backpack. Oh wait a minute, right now I AM a tourist. I think it's gonna be like the novel "Wonderlove" by Kirsten Hubbard. That's me pretty much, dimana dia salah ikut grup yang isinya orang tua dan harus ikut itinerary dan ngerasa bosen. eh kecuali bagian dimana si bintang utamanya ketemu cowok backpacker keren, karena saya sayangnya gak nemu.. hahaha

The Lufthansa airplane is pretty cool, they serve free hot drinks in airport and their hot chocolate tastes nice. Not great but quite satisfying. We also got a cup of yogurt that tastes super delicious on our flight. Like really, the creaminess is perfect and thick, and I'm pretty sure my dad said something like "this is the best yogurt in the world". I laughed a little bit and agreed. 

So let's see what's going on during my trip! I'm gonna post 1 for each city! :)

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  1. Young blooded wif massive of adventures thoughts. Btw, just wonder abour dat yogurt haaha...was it dat nice? Haahaaha

  2. If you had visited the Black Forest you would have had some Friends :P

    Greets Jonas!

  3. @ Dion: YESSS! Forgot what's the name, enak banget itu.. aduh.. gak ada tandingannya!

    @ Jonas: LOL! Yes it was really close, I will make sure to visit your place next time :)