VIDEO: Bandung! Wohoooooo

Hey! I made a video of my family's vacation last new year. we went to Bandung and Garut. Just wanted to record some stuff and share it online I guess, so I won't forget about this trip. Iseng saja.

Bandung is my mom's hometown and we used to go there like 3-4 time a year. however this is my 1st time visiting Bandung after my exchange year.

My family loves to eat and we ate A LOT in Bandung. I din't recognize it after I made this video though. Well yeah we stayed couple days in Panghegar Hotel, Bandung.

Went to my cousin's house for new year's eve. There's this tradition in my family where we have to gather together during the year countdown, and do a "service" (kebaktian cuy). My dad picked a verse from bible for our 2014 "golden verse". this might sounds weird but that's how we do it. Then we started the firecrackers and fireworks (perks of having summer on new year)

The day after we traveled to Garut, southern part of West Java. Stayed on a hotel on a pond. Pretty cool. and we....ate a lot again. Perhaps my family has to make a culinary travelog.

well too lazy to write about this trip (it's like........4 months ago). Just watch the video!

bye bye


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  1. tas, ini bikin nya pake aplikasi video apa? trus lu ngerekamnya pake DSLR? keren

  2. @ Bossga: Makasih boss! Iya pake DSLR, ngeditnya pake adobe premiere. Cobain deh, aplikasinya enak kok :D