China, August 2013 (Scrapbook Style)

Hi! I haven't in the 'mood' to blog about my travels experience because I think I got overwhelmed by tons of pictures that I took everytime I travel. (It's one of my bad habit. I overtook pictures).

I traveled with my family to China (Mostly big cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou etc) in August 2013. I really wanted to blog about it but well, school starts, homeworks come, national exam, bla bla bla okay I actually give myself tons of excuses to not blog about it because I am just lazy. 

My Laoshi (Mandarin / Chinese for teacher. She is literally my Mandarin teacher so we call her Laoshi everyday) asked me to make a scrapbook (kind of, it's not as 'scrappy' as the real scrapbook though) for my 11th grade Mandarin score (so I can catch up with 11th grader Mandarin since I wasn't in Indonesia that time). Well since it's Mandarin, and I just traveled to China, I thought it'll be awesome to make a scrapbook consists of my China photos. But she asked me to write in Mandarin, which is a BIG PROBLEM for me. Duh, I can't write Mandarin. So I asked my friend Viena to help and... I also use google translate. (Google translate isn't that good though, I had to rewrite tons of things since it doesn't really use proper grammar).

So here is my China (kind of) Scrapbook. I hope it can summarize my China journey last summer! :)

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  1. TASBINNNN, seru banget kauu jalan-jalan terusss yaaaaa #envy but anyways, I love your blog!!! :)

  2. Nabilla! Makasih nab, next time kita jalan-jalan bareng ya jangan cuma ke palmerah bareng aja :3 hahaha