I'm ready, 2014!

I'm feeling positive for 2014. Well, I haven't set up any goals (yet). And I don't know what will happen this year, but I feel an urge to be positive minded this year.

This year is going to be one HUGE year for me. 

One. I am going to graduate and be a college student. I still can't decide where to go, though. I want to enroll in ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) or in BINUS (Bina Nusantara), both majoring Visual Communication Design. It's a big deal, and my parents let me choose by myself. 

Two. I am facing National Exam. This is pain, a unnecessary test. But I'm feeling good that I'll do good on this test, if I work really hard starting this January.

Three. It's Indonesian election year and I am 17!! It means I can vote. I don't really into politics but I do follow it. I have to admit that I'm a little bit pessimistic with Indonesian government. There are too many bad politics here. But I believe there will be a change, a GOOD change for Indonesia's future. Quoting my host dad: "How do you know if a politician lies? They mouth moves!" (Well I kind of forget what he said, but that's the point). I believe there will be more politician that keep their mouth shut, but do real things for the country. 

But above all, I am ready.

I am ready for every big challenge that has been prepared for me.

Well maybe I will face lot of problems, or lot of accomplishment. Maybe I'll be down, or I can be on the top. I can be happy or I can be sad. It's blurred, but we all know it's there.

I wish this year is gonna be a creative, fun, productive year for my hobbies. I wish I'll get better in keeping in touch with people. I wish I don't waste too much time on internet. I wish to be happier towards people. I wish to start dressed up everyday (just for my sake). I wish to have good portfolio by the end of this year. I wish to travel more, to random places. I wish happiness for my family.

"Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it" - Lou Holtz

And let's see what will I write by the end of this year......


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