Hey hey hey hey people of our amazing earth!

First of all I want to tell you that this blog post isn't as important as your breakfast today, even if you only ate a piece of bread with butter spread on it. Trust me, if you have tons of things to do, you don't want to waste your 5 minutes reading this post.

It's been forever since my last time blogging. First 2 months of school are the worst thing, I have to adjust a lot. Not to mention that I also have to adjust to my family, the rules, the stuff from school etc bla bla bla bla bla blagghhhhh.

I am really grateful for Indonesian school calendar, we have TONS of holiday! we have a week holiday in August and my family and I did a pretty fun holiday. Will blog about it later.

I really don't know what to blog now. There are too many stuff in my head, but I just can't think of them right now. It's 1.22 am, and the only reason why I'm awake is: Indonesian internet.


I am running out of quota to open internet during the day, so in order to use internet I have to stay awake start from 12am to 6am. Because the provider provides extra quota at this time. This. is. bad.

I miss American internet connection. a lot. It's way faster there. And I don't have to stay awake for extra quota, because they have unlimited internet service.


Anyways, this part is important; I also miss my host family. Sometimes I think of them during my dream. Sometimes I think I am in my host sisters' bedroom. Sometimes I think I heard them calling my name.

Okay, that's creepy.

But that's what happened with me! And everytime I try to cook American food, or order American food in a restaurant; I always think of them.

Everytime I see Utah things, or read some Utahn names in bible, I found myself remembering them even more.

I thought of Sarah, my host sister today. I miss having a sibling with the same age with me. My real siblings are waaaaaaaay older than me and they don't stay home a lot. I want to have a sibling that I can chat about school with, that can correct my homework or my grammatical error (Yes, my english skill is going down about 40%. Aaaaaaaaah!) or do stuff together. Ah.

My host mom once said: "How do you know if we send you a hug across the ocean?"

Faith? I don't know, I kinda have to figure it by myself right now.

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