Indonesia isn't only Jakarta!

I went to Yogyakarta (a city in Java) with my church group 2 weeks after I arrived in Jakarta. We did something called "Live In", a 5 days program for teenagers to stay in local people's house. By "Local" it means a very very very "simple" house. It's not primitive, it's just.......out of our comfort zone. They don't have a lot of stuff that people in Jakarta have. I was lucky that I got an average Yogyakarta host family, they have enough food and also television. The dad works in Jakarta, the mom (we call her Bunda, means "Mom") stays at home, the daughter (we call her Mami) is a playgroup teacher --also in college-- and Mami's 2 years old son: Dimas. They all live happily in Kemadang Village.

I stayed with kak Rani (our leader), and Abi also Willa from my church group.

So I found out that the families in Kemadang don't have a really good public facility. Another fact: their income is below the average Jakarta people's income. It was a really good experience for me. After got back from USA, I found myself complaining almost everyday. About the food, the weather, my bedroom, my parents, and a lot more (yeah, I am lame). After experienced living in another my Yogyakarta host I really think I should be grateful of myself.

The House 

The road in front of our house

Abi, helped Mami in the kitchen

living room

Help washing dishes


with Mami's grandmother (Bunda's mom)

We walked to a big pond near by the house and played around. It wasn't a pretty pond with clear water, but people go there for recreation or to swim, or to wash their clothes. I was super scared that there's something inside the pond that can eat us (hahaha.......) since the water was brown and gross. Mami said that the local people believe something "mystical" lives in that pond, keeping the water there. I walked from the pond right away...............

Hi something inside the water!
The best thing about this trip was.....THE BEACH! Holy cow I didn't know that the event organizers were going to bring us to a beach. When somebody told me that, I expect a regular beach. But this one is actually a really pretty beach........... With warm and crystal clear water! I don't even know they have this kind of beach in Yogyakarta region. Dang... What kind of Indonesian am I???

Kind of beach that we got

Photo by: Kak Cathy

crystal clear....

It had been a really cool experience for me. I realized that even though couple cities in Indonesia are super modern (like Jakarta), there are still another part of Indonesia that are still village. real village. Countryside, people that still depends on their small lawn, sell food for income etc. Uhg. I don't feel comfortable at all knowing that it's happening now. The government are too focused on big cities, they don't prioritize a lot of small villages.. Ugh I wish I could change it one day....................... Indonesia isn't only Jakarta!


from Kemadang with love,

ps. thanks for Kak Rina and Kak Cathy for the photos!

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