Another First Time

So as you know I was an exchange student this past 10 months. Yes, I was. I am back home in Jakarta right now.

I've been super busy (and also lazy) to write anything here. I didn't write anything when I went to San Francisco with my host family, or when I went to Moab, or when it was my last week of school. Yup I missed everything, pretty much.. I am going to blog about it, hmm, later.

But it's allright, I feel like I enjoyed my life this past month more than anything I've enjoyed ever. It was the coolest thing ever: being able to live a moment to its fullest. I used less technology by not updating my blog. I'll write about them later, but hey let's focus to my present life.

It's funny how when I was in Utah I wrote a lot about Indonesia and my family back there. But now when I am in Indonesia all  I want to write is my Utahn experience! :p

So I am in Jakarta right now. I live in Tangerang Selatan, it's kind of a little bit outside of Southern Jakarta (You can still call my place Jakarta). It's fun being able to experience Jakarta again for a first time, because, you know I wasn't here for 10 months and I have to get used to Jakarta again. 

Jakarta isn't like Utah. Indonesia isn't like United States. It's a totally different place, on opposite part of the world. I was surprised because I am an Indonesian and I got a little bit of "culture shock".

 The weather. It's humid and it feels so weird. My skin turns sweaty and sticky during the day and it makes everything feel so hoooooooooooot. I am not kidding. I am used to it right now but the day I got out from the airport was horrible. Hooray for air conditioners!

The people. Yup. Tons of people. Everywhere I look. Motorcycles, cars, people. Malls, markets, people. Park, trees, people. Gee, I never realized we have this many people! 

The foods. It's awesome how people use tons of spices just to make a meal.  I always like Indonesian food since it's the food I grew out with. I requested Sundanese Gurame fried fish with spicy sauce (Sambel) for my first dinner. My mom bought it and served it in our house and I enjoyed it a lot. I am missing USA's milk tho because every milk I drink in here feels too rich for me after I am used to drinking 1% fat milk.. And the cereal, nothing can beat American's sugary cereal. They are the bomb.

The streets. This feels weird because I never realized how small our main streets are.... The common size is 2 cars maximum. One way and another way. Most of Utah's streets are wider than our main street. No sidewalk and no crosswalk. It's amazing how Indonesians are so talented at crossing the street. The motorcycles, they literally fight each other to be the fastest one on the road. They pass every cars, pass another motorcycle. And during traffic jam, the motorcycles are like 1 inch close to your car. It's creepy, but after a week I am used to watching it from my car window. 

Part of Jakarta taken from my cousin's apartment.

I always love big city. I love the crowds, the traffic jam (well not really), people with their own story, the busy streets, the unsafe places and being a small part of it. Jakarta is one of the big cities that amaze me. There are times when I hated it, yes. I hate how people are sometimes ignorant and don't care about the surrounding. Trashes, or -- when people don't wait patiently in line, or the hot air that drives pedestrian (me) crazy. But I love it! I love watching every details and smile, just because I love it! :)

For another first time, I stepped happily in Jakarta.

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  1. Ah finally tas, you "love" it being there.. Jakarta is always be part of me even though the traffic is driving me crazy. If you miss States so much, I miss Indonesia so much :') especially Bali... argh. Have fun anyway, hope you will get used with everything again! :D