Southern Cali!

I went spend my 2nd weekend of May in one of my mom's high school best friend house down in San Diego, California.

What's cool about it? Well first of all, I've never met this lady before. My mom always mentioned her name since the first time I decided to go to USA. Tante ("Aunt"; Indonesian calls older people with "aunt" or "uncle" even though we're not family) J is her name. Apparently my mom, Tante J, and their circle of friend was super close in junior high and then they continued to same law university.  It's way fun, talked in Indonesian again, and also exchange thought and stories about what's going on in Indonesia and USA.

I really appreciate her kindness and loving character. I really do. She impressed me about her religiousness. She's a really strong Catholic and on the very first day, she told me a story that made me cry. Even though she struggled about an issue but she still pray and have a faith and always thank the Lord for every hour and days that she's living. I was ashamed of myself. You know that feeling when you accomplish a lot of thing and you feel like you are above everything? That's me right now. I confess that I have became far away from the Creator. The Father. I never talk to Him anymore, and I only remember him when I have problem.

I was really ashamed. And I kept this to myself. Good thing I went and meet Tante J, and she reminded me how kind and caring is my God to myself. Yup.

Anyways, she took me around southern California. We went around San Diego: La Holla, Seaport Village (Oh my gosh that place is the best), Old Town (felt like Mexico!!), Coronado bridge that's humongous and cool! And we also spend time eating in Panera, which is really good and taste like Kneaders (Love them to death!).

We also went to Los Angeles and Hollywood. That place is as crowded as Jakarta!! For a moment I felt like I'm in Jakarta, the traffic jam sucked as heck and it's just soooo crowded and I found myself hating Los Angeles. Ha!

Hollywood was fun! Last time I went there was in November with another exchange students and we didn't have lot of time. That day I took a movie star's home tour with Tante J and we went around famous people places. Tourist time! They took us to Bruno Mars' house, saw alot of famous people's gate (katy perry simon cowell etc) and oh my, they are huge!!! I cannot believe that somebody own that kind of house, but hey, that's Bevery Hills for me. I couldn't even think but jealous of them. :))

We also went to an Indonesian restaurant in LA. It's is owned by Indonesians and apparently 98% people in that restaurant were Indonesians. Whole people spoke Indonesian and it sounds really weird for me! "Hi! Cobain nasi gorengnya deh, enak! Kwetiawnya juga enak nih!" I couldn't stop smiling and being thankful that day.

Old Town was really nice.. I thought it will be a place with weird looking old american houses but it's not! It's a place with whole bunch of Spanish - Mexican looking building with Mexican arts and crafts! I was so happy that I couldn't stop taking picture of all the ethnic things. They all are just so cool and it makes me feel like I am in Mexico.

Anyways, I took a lot of video and plan to make a travel video of this trip. But since I don't have enough time, i'll just postponed it and make it in Indonesia.

Can you believe i'll be home in a month????

I can't. :(

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  1. Aaaa Tasyaaa!!! Inget janji kita yaa entar, semoga kejadian beneraaaan :D