SkillsUSA Competition

March just ended last week. Spring break ended yesterday. 2 months until the school ends and 2.5 months until Jakarta!
2 days before Spring break, I competed in SkillsUSA state of Utah competition up in Salt Lake City. It was super fun! The only reason why I join the club is because I really want to get busy and I had no idea if this club is all about competing.
So there was I, competing on a Pin Design competition with another school of Utah. I represent Timpanogos High School with another 6 students. I designed a pin and crossed my finger, didn't expect anything because I always lost in any competitions back in Indonesia. And I heard that they judged this pin design competition by the way we present it, not only because of the design. No hope, Tas....
And I got 2nd on state. I was
Kind of cool!!! Never won anything at home and now I win something!! I wanna tell my family back home that *finally* I win something :))) *katro joget joget kegirangan *disangka gila *deportasi
Here's some of photos that I took (Mostly my face, yes, I apologize for that..)
The red jacket! / With Sami / The SkillsUSA stage / waiting the competition..

We're The Red Blazers!

On the way home with the Orem kids :D

Sarah (My host sister) took this picture of me and my design
What's important for me is... I met a lot of wonderful students that I never knew, I met Sami, Cody, Camile and Claire from Timpanogos, and Kitzia and Javier from Mountain View, and a bunch of Lehi and Orem High guys that were super funny! And especially Tasha (Yes, we do have same name) from Kearns High that took me to a pet shop because she wanted to show me what Ferret is! ("YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT FERRET IS? LET ME SHOW YOU TODAY!")
This is Ferret, kind of "American" animal that Tasha showed me.
 Thank you for Ms Thomas that encouraged me to be in this competition, it might be weird that I feel so happy but this competition just made my day exchange year even more memorable! :)

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