That night, just a regular Friday night..

I couldn't sleep, just like past couple weeks. It took me forever to sleep because somehow my hardest and comfiest pillow that fit my neck perfectly was switched by my sister's. I stared to the dark celling, tried to close my eyes but it's still wide open.

I exhaled. Inhaled. Again and again, snuggling under my warm duvet, trying to sleep.

My mind went somewhere..
Somewhere far, 13 time zones away with humid air and warm weather.
A room, With red painted wall, a 18 Celsius air conditioner, a Jerry (from "Tom and Jerry") white lamp and a huge Albert Einstein poster next to a window with yellow curtain.
A little green apple table with 3 mini chairs that hold stack of school books and cellphone, next to a red bed with yellow sheet, with a yellow flowery bolster and thick blanket, and a puffy hard red huge pillow with vintage cars print.

All of sudden, I pictured myself sleeping in my own bedroom, 2000 miles away.

I played Payung Teduh's song through my iPod. Quietly, didn't want to wake my sisters up.

"Tak terasa gelap pun jatuh
Diujung malam menuju pagi yang dingin"

Deep inhale.

"Lalu mataku merasa malu
Semakin dalam ia malu kali ini"


"Kadang juga ia takut
Taktala harus berpapasan ditengah pelariannya"

As I heard Is sings,  I start thought of my dad. My mom. My sister, my brother.

It was a warm sunny afternoon in Jakarta, when we heard this song in our car on the way to somewhere and everything just seemed so peaceful.

"Dimalam hari menuju pagi
Sedikit cemas banyak rindunya."

A drop of tear ran down my face. I closed my eyes, and took another deep breath.

"And now it's time to sleep.." Sang Is, ended the song.

I smiled, knowing that they are still there, in another part of the world.

And I fell asleep.

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