Get to Know You Basket!

Hey folks!

So in here, Utah, I go to LDS church in here with my family, it stands for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (some people call it Mormon, because of their book of mormon). In Indonesia, I go to GKI and it is protestant church. You can feel the blessing of Lord in both of them! :)

In LDS church, they have 3 classes every week. (Well I don't know what is the real name, but I call it classes). So instead of having one service like in GKI, they have the Sacrament meeting (it's like the regular sunday service, or the catholic's Eucharist - Holly communion, but they don't use wine -- they use water and bread), and after that they have Sunday School for an hour, and after that for the girls 12yo-17yo they have young women. Young women is such a cool class, I like it the best because they have activities and fun stuff, but also learn about the Lord.

In young women, they have the get to know basket. So the chosen girl has to bring their most favorite stuff to be put inside the basket, and they will pass it on to the new chosen girl, and it keeps going. It's such a cool idea, because you can tell people about your interest but also give it to another people in the same time. 

I got the basket from Ally! well it was long time ago, but i haven't posted it yet. Here are the pictures! :)

cute eh? :D I have to bring my basket the week after, but I forgot to take pictures of it! So I already gave it to somebody -- her name is Line -- and it's gone! So here are the list of my stuffs:

- Twix and Snickers: because i just love Twix!! too bad they don't make Twixes in Indonesia...
- Indonesian fan and Srikandi Key chain: Srikandi is my favorite wayang puppet, because she's just the traditional figure of Indonesian superwoman. I just like her :D
- Mayo: I just love mayo! I use mayo alot in Indonesia and use it even more in USA hahahaha
-3 chocoballs: because i love cookies. (?) oh well...........

Okay that's all folks! I'll hopefully update this blog during my christmas break. :)

See ya!

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