Cupcake with Rara

Do you have a dream? Yes, i do. More than one.
I really want to work in United Nations. Participate as "culture warrior", promoting Indonesia, and... also travel the world. *teeheee*. and then i uploaded my photo into a website named

and... i made this there. click the link below..

and i realized that it was an EF commercial. d u h.

but it's okay. the video's reaaaaaaaaaaaaly nice, and it inspires me.. seriously! i wish that video happens in the future. no, i ain't wishing it, i WILL make it happens. haha!

oh i forgot to mention about my DIY cupcakes. yes, last week i made cupcakes with Akhira! we did it well, and the butter had made me dizzy, but so far i am okay. the butter cream was made by our own recipe. thank God i didn't have diaharea... so here they are!

 yum yum yum

 look the mannequin. she's staring at us!

 left's mine. right one belongs to akhira

 have i told you about Beni? she's really nice....and stinky. but i like her! :)

ps. i changed the headbar picture into "i write / you read". pretty simple, eh?


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  1. PBB itu rusak oleh karena Dewan Keamanannya! PBB hanya alat 5 negara adikuasa untuk menggenggam dunia dengan cara mereka sendiri

  2. iya sih, tapi gw masih pingin jadi pekerja budayanya :D ho ho ho. berdoa aja supaya suatu saat hak vetonya ditiadakan, jadi seluruh negara setara