malam malam ngepost.

12:56 PM

Guess what?! I went to the beach yesterday with Akhira! Had so much fun, even though I couldn't swim because I had to be my senior's yearbook photographer. But at least I have fulfilled my huge 'beach-please' desires!

These are some photos of yesterday's photo session. The theme is: "Hawaiian Music", but due to my  "perjanjian-untuk-jangan-diupload-dulu" I can't upload more than this! :D

Speaking about desires, there are a lot of desires these days, appear under pressure. And problems also come like a sneaky tomcats that hijrah from Surabaya to Tangerang. Do'oh, I hope problems will solve themselves. 

Well, since this becomes interesting I'll just settle down and relax. I am enjoying this challenging life.

see ya on next post.

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