Indofrench: Margaux Arrives!

10:41 AM

It was August 2014, my friend Margaux visited me in Indonesia. She was an exchange student from France and we met in the airport on my very first day as an exchange student in Utah. So basically two foreigners in a foreign country teamed up and still in touch till today, a year later after our exchange year ended. We kinda made a promise that we will meet each other again and turned out that she's the one that accomplish it first!

"I am going to Indonesia next year! I am going to visit you right before I go to university! My uncle has airplane poins that can help me for the airfare, so it's gonna be not that expensive", she wrote  to me on Facebook. 
"What a surprise! Just come and I will arrange everything!", I said it happily.

 I really do. Traveling is one of my main passion and I always like promoting Indonesia to people from another country. Having an opportunity to host a foreign tourist and travel with her as well sounds like super awesome idea!

I imagine that it's gonna be Margaux and I, both of us against the world. Haha not really like that.. but I was super excited because it's my first time arranging everything by myself and not get accompanied by older people. Ordering the hotels, book the airplane, make sure everything goes well.  I was the one that in charge. 

Had steamers from Kneaders in SLC, 2013.

Why Indofrench? Took me long time to think about the trip name. Since I am Indonesian and she's French well let's just combine both of it ;)) LOL
She was telling me something about Indochina, an area in South East Asia that got colonized by french people back then. Indonesia wasn't part of it, but Margaux friends thought that Indonesia is Indochina. Well it's not. It's Indofrench now. Well....Just kidding...

Anyway, I did long research and budgeting the expenses that we will spend. Margaux stayed in Indonesia for 3 weeks, and the plan is to spend 2 weeks touring other places and 1 week in my city: Jakarta.

She was like: "Take me to every places that you think interesting" and it confuses me. Well duh, Indonesia is big, and there are tons of interesting places. But after all, we decided that we will do:

Jakarta - Lombok - NTT (Komodo) - Labuan Bajo - Bali - Yogyakarta - Bandung - Jakarta

The red dots are the places we went

Phew! All of that cities in 3 weeks. Sounds like an exciting and also tiring trip. We're gonna take 4 airplanes, 1 "4-days-cruise" (a cheapo one), lots of Taxis and car drive.

I made a slideshow about how is the trip going to be and sent it to her. And she agreed.


Months and months after that, Margaux finally arrived in Jakarta. My dad and I picked her up. It was sooooooo exciting! It was like having a part of my exchange experience back! We talked a lot in my car and I kinda felt bad for my dad because he had to hear all of our girly chit chat hahaha

Finally after a year!

My dad and I were very concern about food in Indonesia. We were scared that it doesn't "cooperate" with Margaux's tummy so we were really selective in choosing menu. We ordered Hainam rice for the very first dinner. And also not letting her trying the spicy terasi sambal (again, we were really protective on your first day, sorry Margaux!)

She turned out fine. Even until the end of her trip in Indonesia, nothing serious happened. The only food that kinda "poisoning" her is the banana pancake in NTT (we will talk about it later ;) )

And it turned that we were a pretty good team. Since I am soooo clumsy and forgetful but able to arrange and communicate in Indonesian, meanwhile Margaux is punctual and very responsible. We helped each other alot!

Wait for the next post! I am gonna reveal the whole story :)


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