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8:12 AM

Saya baru selesai pelajara Olahraga saat guru saya manggil saya:

"Tasya, kamu ikut lomba speech di Bogor ya.."

*dan baru saya ketahui alasan guru saya mengirim saya ialah karena wakil yg tadinya mau dikirim berhalangan dan karena nama dia Tasya (dan nama saya juga Tasya) alhasil sayalah yang dikirim #gedubrak

Ditengah ketidak fokusan saya terhadap tes Nacel, dan ulangan mata pelajaran MAFIA yang entah mengapa datang beruntun tanpa belas kasihan: saya setuju untuk ikut. Ini entah saya yang nggak enak sama gurunya atau saya yang licik untuk bolos ijin satu hari sekolah untuk lomba. Oke deh. saya pergi sama Audita ke Marsudirini Bogor.

Temanya: "As a student, what kind of innovation can you do to improve the condition of Indonesia?"

Buset, ini tema apa pertanyaan wawancara... saya udah parno duluan..

oke ini naskah yang saya buat, dan belum direvisi sama-sekali oleh guru saya. I bet there're a lot of grammatical errors and some of the paragraphs isn't related to the topic. but well yeah, at least I've tried :p

----------------- Tasya's Speech -----------------

Good Morning the judges, and fellow audiences of Marsudirini.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Tasya Bintang and I’m here to give a speech about student innovation.
Most of student thinks that study is just a routine. They don’t get the real point of studying, the art of studying. That’s a major problem in our country, I think. That we have a lot of students, and smart students. But when they graduate, we face a truth that most of them cannot contribute to the society. It is title without skills.

What’s the point of studying from the first grade of elementary school until the high school or maybe until you finish the undergraduate college if you cannot contribute yourself into the society? What’s the point, If you cannot help improve your nation condition? Once again fellow audiences, it’s our major problem: title without skills. World will not see our country anymore, if we-as the new generation-don’t improve it.

We need to change. We need to make innovations.

Innovation is the process of implementing new ideas, of turning creative concepts into realities. So It’s not a mindset, it’s an ACTION.

Based by “The Pursuit of Innovation” book by George Freedman it is mentioned that the goal of Innovation is to improve the existing life or to create a new prospecting life.

Well, there are also ways to grow without innovation, for the example by simply studying like usual, as a routine. But Helooooooo? What’s the point of it? You are wasting your life!

People think that innovation is just only the invented technology or things, but it is not. Innovation is anything that improving your life. I give you an example, student joins a school council is also an innovation. In this case, innovation to improve their self.

The another example is someone who’s started a change. Have you ever heard about Pandji Pragiwaksono, the host of Provocative Proactive show in Metro TV?

He makes an innovation, with the simplest thing: by writing. He wrote a book titled Nasionalisme. *angkat buku* the cool way to say it is: Nasional-is-me. How many of you have read this book?

I have!

Here, he writes his positive thoughts about Indonesia, he asks people to care about Indonesia. This book is meant to inspiring the youth generation to start thinking about the future. If not us, then who?
And now, with this book, Pandji and people who’re inspired by this book, start a movement with one largest brand in the world: Coca cola. The name is Berani Mengubah. The goal is to improve the positive things of Indonesia, in searching of young generation’s innovation.

He dares to make a movement. And He has proved that he can contribute to the society, he can improve the national condition by writing.

As student we can start to make an innovation just like him. By writing our thoughts! I’m inspired by him, I have started my own innovation. I start to write about Indonesia, about my ideas to improve Indonesia, on my personal blog. It’s not a huge innovation, and I am not a famous blogger either, but at this time I’m using my talent, my passion in writing to contributes and also inspired the people on the internet. It’s my innovation, how about you? You have your own story, don’t you?

Well, I have two steps to begin an innovation

First, an innovation starts with an idea to solve a problem. The idea starts from here (heart) and here (head). 
It may come from everywhere, from you, you, or you *nunjuk-nunjuk*.

Second, make sure it fits with your passion. What I’m trying to say is you ARE SURE and you put your heart there. because you must put your commitment in every innovation that you make.

Start to think, what so wrong about Indonesia? Its Tourism? Government? The education? Health?

Let me tell you something: The present Indonesia with its own problematic was made by the people who lived here before us. The previous generation, the old people.

Fellow audiences, it is time for us to meet our responsibilities. Regardless of the people in the past, It’s our time to make an INNOVATION, to IMPROVE the future. Now we are still the students, the juniors. But in the future, we are the one who runs the world. We’re getting there.

I believe that everything will be change if want try to change it. No matter what people tell you, your words and ideas also can change the world.

Whatever your innovation is, just make sure it is meant for Indonesia. 

Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless our nation.


And of course, I lost! huahahaha :D
At least i've promoted Pandji's book to the audiences, and I realized that this blog's also an mini innovation of myself. 


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